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To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

May 12th, 2012

There is a basic rule to eyebrow grooming: visit your brows guru each 6 to 8 months, then clean the brows yourself halfway between the visits. Then there are the secrets of the game. If your brows are the thick type, use gels for the concealment in the weeks between the trips.

The gel must be a shade lighter than your skin tone, never darker. If your eye brows are the thinner kind, use eyebrow powder. And if you tweeze 1 or 2 hairs too much, grab the good old eye pencil to fake until you get it back. However what if, only for the hey of it, you wish to get more heavy, like trying some eyebrow tattoos? One or two tips on this regard are;

Avoid permanent tattoos at first: There have been instances of brow tattoos gone wrong. But that’s typically down to poor decisions of a brow guru and only if they can not be reversed. Therefore as a start, avoid permanent cosmetic tattoos. Later, after are certain of your tattoos experts skills, you can always go for the permanent job.

First tattoo will need a re-touch:

The first brow tattoos tend to fade after one or two days. That is standard. It may be your immune system doings its job. Cleaning the colour by spreading it more deeply into the skin. That may also effect eyebrow shaping. A retouch of the tattoo resolves the difficulty so be certain to include a re-touch in your haggling of the opening tattoos.

Be sure of your tattoo specialist: This is essential. The tattooing business is still comparatively young, and has its number for frauds and quarks. A suggestion by a mate of a tattoo consultant who can also do eyebrow threading is best. Where that is not possible, be certain your eyebrow specialist has real confirmation, and a portfolio of before-and-after pictures of previous clients. It never harms to be exceedingly careful.

To find an eyebrow tattoo expert in your neighborhood, visit this online business list