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Getting That Unwanted Tattoo Removed

August 24th, 2012

Most people out there think that tattoos are permanent or extremely painful to remove. That is not the case. There are various methods for removing tattoos that are efficient and relatively low pain. The best thing to do is find out which technique suits you. The process can be done by you with certain methods, or done professionally at a tattoo removal shop. The methods vary in cost and pain, yet each one is maybe effective in helping you rid yourself of the ink on your body.

The most common method of removal, which most people have heard of, is laser removal. This removes the tattoo by using concentrated light to break the ink into small pieces. In turn, the fragments of ink are flushed out naturally by the body. Depending on the size and thickness of the tattoo, many sessions may be required to completely remove the ink. This can lead to a number of skin problems. It may cause lesions or blisters that can scab over and eventually form scars. You need to ask yourself if the tattoo needs removing bad enough to warrant permanent scars on the area of removal. Scarring is not inevitable though. Many factors lead to the amount of scarring including size, laser strength, and skin sensitivity. This method is also probably the most painful and costly. The cost primarily consists of the size and colors used to create the tattoo, with smaller, less colorful tattoos being the cheapest. Large, colorful tattoos can cost thousands of dollars to remove, depending on the amount of sessions required.

One of the methods that is growing in popularity is the do-it-yourself tattoo removal creams. This is also one of the most unproven techniques. The appeal of this method lies within the fact that it is nearly painless and very cost effective. On average, one can be expected to spend less than 200 dollars for the cream. The cream comes in multiple month supplies. It can take quite some time for the results that are wanted, so this can get somewhat costly. Another downside to the cream is that it may not completely remove the tattoo. It may substantially fade the ink, but complete removal is not a guarantee. 

There are many other methods yet unmentioned that can be used for tattoo removal. Most of these methods however, can be very costly and most of all, painful. Dermabrasion is a technique that sands away the tattoo. This has been proven to be ineffective on everything but the smallest, least colorful tattoo, as only the top layer of skin is removed. This can also be extremely painful. Another method that actually cuts off the tattoo is called excision. This has reportedly caused excessive scarring and is not recommended unless it is an urgent matter. Once the tattoo is cut, the surrounding skin is stitched back together. The least painful of these removal techniques is Intense Pulsed Light therapy. This technique is very similar to laser removal. It is considered less painful but less effective as well. It can also be very costly to use this technique; in some cases even more so than laser removal.

Whether you’re more concerned about cost or pain, there is a tattoo removal method out there for you. From at-home treatments, to the recommended visit to a tattoo removal shop, there are many decisions to make. Research is highly suggested to anyone thinking about getting any ink removed. With a number of techniques out there though, finding the method that suits you shouldn’t be as daunting of a task as you may believe.

Why Someone Would Choose To Remove Some Tattoos

August 14th, 2012

Tattoos are a form of art, and with all art, there are the good and bad artists. Good ones can create beautiful tattoos that everyone wants to have and bad ones will leave someone saying to you, “Did you pay for that?”

Human beings can be very fickle about the tattoos they get and may just change their mind about it when it’s too late. An example of this would be if a person goes into a tattoo shop to get a tattoo of the devil and later on in life they turn religious and may not want that tattoo any longer. Tattoo removal can be done and there are several options for doing so. Below are some reasons that someone would choose to have a tattoo removed. 

The number one reason that people seek to have a tattoo removed is because they have tattooed a name on their body that they no longer want to have. Normally, people who have their mom or child’s name on their body don’t have this issue, but an ex husband or wife or ex-girlfriend or boyfriend are the ones that most people want to have taken off. Always think twice before putting these types of names on your body. Nine times out of ten people regret this later in life. 

The number two reason that people seek to have a tattoo removed is because of their place of employment. Most companies don’t have a problem with tattoos as long as you can’t see them. If you have a tattoo that can be seen when you are dressed for work, you may find that companies will not hire you. Some companies have policies restricting tattoos that are visible. Tattoos above the neck are especially common to have removed as they fall into this category with people’s jobs being affected. 

Many people who have tattoos that were once a fad will want to have them removed later in life. An example of this would be the barb wire that was tattooed around the bicep in the 90s or the Ying Yang symbol that came about in the 80s. The butterfly on the middle of the back for women used to be a fad in college, now it’s gone away. This is the way we are with life. We all like change and it’s going to happen. It could be great for a year or two and then it seems unattractive. 

Life changes are the next reason that people look for ways to have tattoos removed. Back to people changing their minds, take a peek back in your high school year book and see what you are wearing. Would you wear that now? No. So, as we grow and change, so does our style. A new career, having children, being financially responsible, someone close to you dying and religion are just a few things that will change our lifestyle and the way we think. That can be a deciding factor in having a tattoo removed.

Last but not least is the artwork that you had tattooed on the body being poor in quality. Sometimes you just get one that is so bad you can do nothing to it but have it removed and just forget it. 

If you make the decision to have tattoo removal, do your research and find out the best way to have it done.

Online Tattoo Galleries Of Impressive Tattoo Designs

August 6th, 2012

It is normal for people who are having LA Ink Tattoo Designs for the first time to feel excited a nervous at the same time. Deciding to permanently ink your skin requires careful thinking. Having your skin inked with a particular tattoo design needs commitment. A tattoo is not something that you can just get rid of immediately after you realize that it’s not the one you want to have. With the advent of modern technology, non-invasive procedures can removed tattoos; however, they come at a price and there is the risk of having keloids as a result.

It is because of this that you have to be really sure of the design that you are picking. You can search for great tattoo designs in sites like Chopper Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Me Now. You can find a lot of tattoo designs that will surely appeal to your preference. Reflection of personality and style must be present in your chosen tattoo design. Finding something that represents you in print form can be much easier if you have the proper tools.

There are people who will find tattooing a fun thing to do. It is also very painful. Those people who underwent body modifications can attest to this. You have to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the pain especially if it is your first time to get a tattoo. There are people who can stand the pain longer than most people. If you are not one of those people, all that you have to do is to find a good tattoo artist that has “a light touch” and seek advice from people who have had tattoos done.

You may think that getting a tattoo is a great risk. Tattooing techniques nowadays are safer and more hygienic so there is no need to worry about your health. Choose the services of a tattoo parlor that is genuinely accredited by health offices. It would help if you can visit forums that discuss tattoos so that you will find more inspiration and be able to make a more informed choice. You have free access to some Great Product Reviews at if you want to learn more about tattoos.